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Combining the market knowledge, insight and professional resources of the Mercury Alliance with the industry-leading auction technology of FRE.com, TMAbid delivers an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent and secure auction process.

The Mercury Alliance, LLC is a small group of real estate professionals dedicated to achieving the best net execution for its clients regardless of market conditions and regardless of the sales channel. Our focus has been seller representation of America's leading financial institutions utilizing a combination of proactive marketing techniques developed over 35 years and in connection with cutting-edge technology and supported by careful, thorough and unmatched due diligence In our markets, we have an enviable record of meeting or exceeding the needs of our sellers.

Our goal is to effectively shift the sales paradigm, dramatically shortening time on the market while demonstrating and substantiating that the results of our process are indicative of a home’s true market value.

There is no reason for your home (regardless of location and/or price) to remain on the market for months and even years. If your interest in selling your home or property is sincere, as you interview brokers and carefully evaluate their value propositions, consider investing an additional hour of your time to learn about our Accelerated Marketing Program (AMP). You will be glad you did.


Auction Representative

Lani Webb

The Mercury Alliance, LLC

Aspen, Colorado, USA

Phone: +1 970-949-8133

Email: lani@themercuryalliance.com

Auction Representative

Tom DiMercurio

The Mercury Alliance, LLC

Aspen, Colorado, USA

Phone: +1 970-927-3662

Email: tom.dimercurio@themercuryalliance.com

Auction Representative

Alisha Lange

LFC Group of Companies

Newport Beach, California, USA

Phone: +1 949 706 6129

Email: alange@lfc.com