Message from William Lange, CEO of LFC Marketing Services:

I would like to introduce you to the TMAbid Accelerated Marketing Program (AMP®) which was developed in conjunction with the LFC Group of Companies specifically for The Mercury Alliance professionals. The auction team at LFC has had years of success working with clients globally to sell properties that require more than a traditional sales approach. The TMAbid AMP provides agents and brokers with the ability to offer clients the opportunity to sell their real estate in an online real estate auction supported by a The Mercury Alliance branded environment.







The Accelerated Marketing Program (AMP®) supplements traditional real estate marketing strategies with a proven and effective sales tool that allows you to run an online auction marketing campaign, usually from start to finish in 90 days, and you keep 100% of your earned commission.

Generate valuable leads.

Never lose a listing.

Set yourself apart from the competition.

Be an innovator.

Offer an effective solution for tough properties.

Take a leap forward.

Don't waste another minute thinking about it

Set up a brief presentation with one of the Auction Representatives to learn more or to discuss a specific listing that could benefit from the TMAbid AMP.

Tom DiMercurio

Phone: +1 970-927-3662

Lani Webb

Phone: +1 970-949-8133